Friday, February 12, 2010

Full Circle - Back To The Way It Was

I am absolutely delighted with all the interest bubbling up about changing the way we do agriculture. More and more studies are showing that the "improvements" in agriculture started in the 50s are not only not working well, but are downright unhealthy for us, the animals, the plants, and the planet. The recommendations are to go back to pasture farming, with an undercurrent for sustainable farming.

Pasture raising poultry has gained in popularity. City folk are getting involved - many cities allow 3-5 chickens per household. Edible Forest Gardens are making inroads into urban areas.

An interesting site Eatwild promotes eating grass-fed animals, and has a series of articles about why you should eat grass-fed - and why you shouldn't be eating cheap meats. Ranching With Sheep speaks to the other side - the benefits to farmers and ranchers following sustainable practices.

Can we undo the damage we've done over the past 60 years to our health, our animals and our land? Perhaps. The exciting thing is this movement is coming from the bottom up, individual farmers and ranchers changing their practices. Individual consumers seeking out local, high-quality products, and being willing to pay premium prices for them.

A grass roots movement to grass based food.

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