Friday, May 21, 2010

The Tiny Visitor

I'd had a busy day. As I climbed the hill to the house my mind was filled with the vegetables and fish I planned to cook for dinner. On my way to the kitchen I heard a very loud buzzing. Bumble bee on steroids? I backed up and listened. What?

With a certain amount of trepidation, I walked into the living room, and the buzzing started again. I recognized the sound at the same time I saw the tiny bird hovering in a high window. A hummingbird had found her way in, and couldn't find her way out. What to do? She's high, she's fast. A net.

Another trip down the hill to get my bird net, and I was ready. I was still hoping to talk her out of the house, so I put the dogs out and opened the front door. As I walked back into the living room she darted past me, stopped briefly at the Christmas Cactus to sip some nectar, and zoomed into the bedroom - where she tasted some more flowers before fluttering into the window.

I grabbed my camera. What would be cooler than a picture of a hummingbird sampling my tame, indoor cactus? Unfortunately the little girl was camera shy, and darted out as soon as I got close enough for a picture. A couple trips later, she was really tired out.

She hovered again as I approached, and I managed to get a quick picture.

It was heartbreaking to see such a small and beautiful creature so exhausted. I carefully covered her with the net, and even more carefully picked her up.

I had to wait for her to recover before I could let her loose. I grabbed the closest flowering cactus, put a drop of water on my hand above her beak, and went out on the porch.

It turns out it's quite difficult to take a good picture with one's left hand while holding a tiny treasure in the right hand. All my photos are fuzzy, but they do show her brilliant feathers. I'm pretty sure this is a Rufous Hummingbird. She did revive and flew off at speed. Blessings, little jewel, and thank you for letting me share your life for a few moments.


Denise said...

Amazing! I'm so glad you were able to get her back outside safely.

Judy said...

Me too! I was worried she wouldn't come to in time to fly off and eat before it got dark. She went from a torpor state to up and flying in a few seconds.

Kerin said...

She is so so sweet and amazing and wondrous!!! There is nothing so endearing as a little bird and especially one that needs some help.

thank goodness she didn't injure herself navigating around inside and that she happened to be in your house. Great job in getting her back outside!!!