Monday, May 24, 2010

Welcome Lady

Lady, an Anatolian Shepherd Dog, lived happily on a small ranch with a marina for two years. However, when the tide went out she would sneak around the edge of the fence and visit the neighbors. The neighbors started getting upset, and now Lady has found her way to me.

She and her people are sad to be parted, but Charlie and I are thrilled to have her here. She is familiar with peafowl, chickens, sheep and goats - and emu! I think she will fit in well here. Charlie needs the help, he is getting old and his hips are bad. Not that he lets that slow him down much, but hopefully with a young girl to help him out he will take more breaks, and consider retirement.

She'll live in the kennel for awhile, until everyone gets used to her (the sheep are NOT ready to accept a strange dog!), and she gets the feel of the place. She's a lovely girl, very gentle and sweet with a quiet manner. I hope she'll have many happy years here at Ravenwood.


Denise said...

"small ranch with a marina" is not a phrase you see very often! LOL

Is Lady a LGD or "all American mutt"? Pardon me if that should be obvious - I'm a cat person after all. ;)

She's a pretty girl, at any rate - and lucky to have found such a good home.

Judy said...

It's always interesting when one lives in an area with lots of water. Water creates its own fencing issues.

I can't believe I forgot to say in the post - I'll add this - Lady is an Anatolian Shepherd Dog, the Turkish version of livestock guardian dogs. Same breed as Berna, who has blessed this blog frequently.

So far Lady is not only a pretty girl, but displays a wonderful and loving personality as well.