Sunday, December 05, 2010

Good Dogs!

This morning as I brought my coffee to the front room I could hear the Peafowl sounding off with their distress calls. The dogs were barking intensely. Millie was looking up at the roosting tree and alternating between howling and barking. What, I thought, was this?

I put on boots and stepped outside. I could hear Charlie down by the lower building. Jesse was barking his "Come Help!" bark (and when a Samoyed is intent on getting help, one can't ignore it!) about half way down the hill. Millie continued howling and barking up at the tree. I could hear at least one pea from the tree, one from near Charlie, and one from near Jesse. Time to check things out.

As I walked down the hill Jesse came running up, and led me to a peacock standing looking shocked. He was OK, but obviously upset. Jesse was very pleased with himself. Further down, protected by Charlie, was the other peacock. Charlie was alternating barking at the woods behind the fence and looking at the upset peacock.  I gave both dogs big hugs and praise. By the time I got back up the hill, both peahens were on the ground. Everyone accounted for - upset but alive and well.

I don't know what scared the peafowl out of their tree, but my three working dogs were doing their best to keep them alive. I suspect it was an owl - I've heard several different varieties of owls hooting recently.

I love my dogs. They can't protect the birds from owls, but they can make sure that nothing gets them once they are on the ground. And they can make sure that the human occupant knows something's up.


Veryl said...

Very good dogs! Hugs to all from me.

Judy said...

They always LOVE hugs from you.