Monday, January 17, 2011

And the Rains Shall Fall

A pipeline seems to have opened between the Pacific Ocean and the Pacific Northwest, a possible attempt to lower the ocean levels by pouring copious quantities of water over the land. Warm temperatures and lots of rain have caused rivers to rise past flood levels. I noticed on my way to pick up hay - 10 miles west - that the Newaukum River was at the top of it's banks, overflowing in a few places, and getting close to the road. On the way home a sign appeared announcing the road was closed 10 miles east of me.

As I fed out the newly-acquired hay I was mentally preparing this post, lamenting the lack of accompanying photos. Suddenly the sky brightened and a rainbow appeared. I had to run back to the house for the camera, and these photos don't capture the intensity of the light, the brightness of the colors.

The rainbow was complete, with the beginnings of a second shining through.

Then as I brought out a second bale of hay, another hole opened in the western sky and light streamed in.

The sun brightly broke through the trees to the west, and then lit the clouds with saffron and blue.

The short-lived sunset would not have been so glorious and awesome if the day had not been so wet and the clouds so dark. Every day has it's beauty. Our job is to notice.

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