Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lost Sheep Saga

I was having trouble keeping weight on my oldest ewe. She was pregnant, and it seemed she couldn't compete with everyone else to get enough food. So I let her outside the gates, where there is lots of grass and browse, and where I could give her grain I knew she'd get. I'd let her out in the morning, she'd come back to be let in at night. Until 3 days ago.

Three days ago, the ewe didn't show up to be let in. I couldn't find her. The next day I walked through every accessible part of this property. I found the placenta, and footprints of both ewe and lamb, but I couldn't find them. Yesterday when I was under the power lines calling her, I thought "Wait - I'm an animal communicator. I just need to contact her!" Duh. So I did. She was OK. I told her to come home, to meet me back at the double gates. I was very disappointed that evening when she did not show up.

Today as it was starting to get dark and I was beginning my evening feeding, I heard the dogs all sound off. Some intruder was around. I looked down the hill after Charlie, and saw a ewe and lamb at the gate. The double gates. I ran down the hill to let them in. They stood there looking at me, as if to say "Well, you ASKED us to come here, now let us in!" So I did. Charlie couldn't wait to check them both out.

The lamb is fat and cute as can be. The ewe is in better weight than 3 days ago. Other than smelling a bit of skunk, she's fine. I have no idea where she was. But I know why she came back - I asked her to. I just forgot to put a time on it. 

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