Wednesday, May 25, 2011

There Are Days...

I love working on my farm. I might not enjoy every task, or the amount of each task, but I love the physical labor and the fitness it brings. There are, however, some days when it seems excessive.

Yesterday my wonderful friend and neighbor picked up a huge load of hay for me. We unloaded the pickup into my shelter, and then covered the trailer with tarps - the trailer will stay here until the hay is fed out. We were both tired and sore and slept well last night.

Trailer load minus 10 bales

Today I spent some time examining the load, trying to figure out the best way to extract bales from it. These bales weigh 90 - 150 lbs, so it takes some thinking. I was doing pretty well at getting them down one at a time (instead of triggering an avalanche), but kept getting drenched with water cascading off the tarps. It was, of course, pouring rain.

Loading the downed bales into the van was less scary but more intense. I realized somewhere along the way that it's like lifting a person my size from the ground into the van ten times. No wonder I'm exhausted and sitting here drying off with a cup of hot, luscious coffee.

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