Friday, December 02, 2011

You did WHAT with your cell phone?

My cell phone has a problem.

This is a Samsung Convoy, their rugged workhorse phone. Recommended for hard use. It seemed an appropriate choice for me to carry around on the farm. I'm in love with this phone. It's been dropped in mud, nosed by dogs, lives in my pocket with hay and dirt, and always works.

Um, it looks like it has a problem.

Well yes, the glass front is cracked. Did I drop it? Yes. But that didn't hurt it. I dropped it in front of the hay feeder for two of my horses. Draft horses. Rebel stepped on it. 2,000 lbs of Spotted Draft horse hurt it.

Here's the inside:

It's a little difficult to figure out what's going on when the display is an abstract painting. I love this phone. I thought I'd give it a try and see if it still worked. I used the address book - by memory - to place a call. It worked. I had a friend call me back. That worked too. This little phone took a hoof to the head, got a cracked skull, and still functions. Not bad.

If Rebel's hoof landed on my foot (I'm not even thinking about it landing on my head), I guarantee it wouldn't still be working.

I'd love to replace this phone with another just like it, but it seems they don't make them anymore. I sent this email to Samsung, just in case they have some in their store room.

I've had a Samsung Convoy phone for about a year. I have loved everything about it - especially that it isn't harmed when dropped. I work on a farm, hauling hay and supplies to horses and other animals, and am constantly working with large animals, primarily horses. Rugged performance was promised, and it has lived up to expectations. 
Last night the phone slipped from my pocket onto the ground right where I feed my draft horses. I realized there was was a problem when Rebel, my 2,000 lb Spotted Draft horse was lowering his hoof onto something black.  When I retrieved the phone the glass front was shattered. I was heartbroken. I picked up the phone, opened it, and saw a picture of the shatter. Wondering if there was a chance it still worked, I accessed my address book (without the advantage of seeing what I was doing) and called my sister. It worked. IT WORKED. This phone still works. I can't see anything, but IT WORKS.
This workhorse phone lives up to its reputation, and was not affected by anything I did to it except for the foot of a workhorse.
I'm so impressed with this phone. I'm blogging about this, and putting it on my Facebook page (with pictures). My only problem is that Verizon can't replace the phone - Convoys are backordered forever. I would love to get another Convoy, but I also don't see them on your website. Is it possible to get one? Do you have any suggestions? 
A satisfied customer hoping to find a replacement -

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Anonymous said...

LOL! I LOVE this! Hope that Samsung finds you a replacement. Karen, aka gratefuldog...