Monday, May 14, 2012

Like Mother Like Son

Shaman Dream Catcher (The Babe)

Shaman's Lone Wolf (Zander)

Zander often sleeps in this position. When I sent Audrey (Shaman Anatolians) a picture, she immediately sent one back of his mother - Babe - in the same position. Funny dogs!


Kris Hicks-Green said...

Hi, Judy!

I sure love your blog. I tried to show it to some neighbors who have a Pyrenees and an Anatolian, but of course couldn't quite find it in time. But now that I have, I've gone back almost a year. I'm so happy that you've carved out so rewarding a life for yourself.


Judy said...

Thank you Kris! I'm so pleased you like my blog. Are your neighbor's dogs working livestock guardians, or pets? Hopefully you'll have a chance to show them in the future. I love being in contact with other LGD owners.