Friday, July 13, 2012


While I was clearing trees and berry vines from the road (a continual project) I noticed that the thimble berries are ripe. I ate a handful before deciding I needed to pick them for the birds. Nature is so wonderful - the salmon berries are ebbing just as the thimble berries ripen. I was able to get a nice supply of both. The native ground blackberries are also beginning to ripen. These little beauties fill the mouth with surprisingly intense sweet lushness.

I kept hearing booming noises, and finally realized it was a thunder storm to the north. That explained the humidity. As the clouds moved in a nice breeze came with them, and it was very pleasant along the lane. I was overwhelmed with a sense of abundance.

The growth along the road is varied and lush. I cut out the things I don't want (blackberries, alder and maple trees) and trim back things I want but that are overzealous in their growth (native berries, shrubs). I save some of the saplings for perches, and some of the maple for sheep browsing.

I love this task. I feel so much a part of nature, and a part of this farm as I do it. I look at all the plants closely, deciding what needs to go and what can be encouraged to stay. It is quiet, solitary work, and my mind can relax while my body works.

The mosquitos are no doubt feeling the abundance as well, as they seem to have feasted well on human blood.

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