Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The End of Summer

We have had three rain-free months of blue skies and warm sunshine. Dry ground, dry house, dry roof. That would seem to be plenty of time to clean out gutters.

So why have I been out today cleaning the front gutter of my house in between rain squalls? Downpours. Out scraping mud, muck and feathers out of a very wet gutter? Off a very wet roof. In the rain.

Pulling up a long, heavy, muddy ladder, securing it into softening clay. Moving it to the next uneven, muddy spot.

Attempting now to type with hands that only seem loosely related to the rest of my body, they are so cold from being wet and muddy for hours.

And whose fault is this?


Zander, who is even more annoyed at the onset of rain than I am, spent the time on the front porch, watching to make sure I stayed safe from the roof monsters. The Peahen flew up to the peak of the roof to watch.

And there is a truly amazing moss garden growing up there. Beautiful, lush, growth with a wide variety of species, growing on the shingles, the metal, under the eaves. And I only have 7 more gutters to go.

I must admit that I spent a good deal of the time up there being grateful for my one-story home.

So, how was your day?

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