Saturday, October 20, 2012


Charlie enthusiastically defends his food from sheep, alpaca, horses...everyone, it seems, except kittens.

These feral kittens just got a dish of their own food, but obviously Charlie's is far superior to theirs.

It took them some time to sneak up and around him to get to the food. He studiously looked away. Whatever made these little tykes decide it might be safe to steal food from a very large dog?


Anonymous said...

They know about their own Sharp claws and his soft nose?

Veryl Ann Grace said...

Because they know that Charlie is just a gentle giant at heart and he doesn't hurt baby things. Wonder if mama cat would get the same treatment?

Judy said...

I haven't seen Momma cat for awhile, but she did get the same treatment. I saw her steal a piece of chicken Charlie was just about to chomp down on. He looked hurt.

Colette said...

Judy, our blind whippet allows our kitten to eat from his bowl at the same time he is. Our other cat and dogs are not allowed to even look in his general direction while he is eating. Who knows what makes them tick.