Saturday, February 02, 2013

Art and Science

A show of feather art by Chris Maynard is currently at the Washington Center for the Performing Arts in Olympia, and today the artist and a biologist gave a talk followed by a reception. I couldn't find the fee, but decided I'd treat myself to this event no matter what the cost. It was free! And so worth the drive to Olympia.

Thor Hanson, author of Feathers, the Evolution of a Natural Miracle, spoke first, and I kept thinking, "Why weren't my college professors this interesting?" This is a man living his dream, loving his subject matter, and eager to share both. I can't wait to read his book - my friend bought me a copy for my birthday. I have had birds and studied feathers most of my life, but I learned so

Chris Maynard is an amazing artist, and like so many of us who work with birds and/or feathers, is enthralled with everything about them, and the creatures who create them. His art is unique, beautiful, loving, and whimsical. It is an homage to birds, and the lovely feathers that cover them.

Some day I will own at least a print of some of his works, although as the woman handling sales commented, now is the time to buy the originals - the price will go up soon.

What a wonderful day.  I went with a dear friend, and we had dinner after (with cheesecake). If you get a chance to see Chris Maynard's work or listen to either Chris or Thor talk, DO IT!

Singing Bird 9 - Pigeon feather and various parrot feathers . 11 by 14 inches


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Interesting art.