Thursday, March 17, 2016

Storms and Sheds

For many years I have used Costco canvas carports for hay storage. It only takes one winter to discover whether I've chosen a protected enough location. My current shed is tucked into a sheltered area and has been there for several years, unaffected by wind storms. 

I bought a new, cheaper shed (carport) this summer, and put it right next to the survivor. It's a safe spot, right?

We've had several days of windstorms. My new shed made a journey with each one.

The first storm took down one side. It's still windy with heavy rain, so I left repair work for later. Fortunately it was empty.

The next storm sent it flying (and yes, I had it tied down. The tie-downs are mostly still in place.) Notice the original shed is undamaged.

The next day it made it over the top of the other shed, and across the road. Ironically, one of the tie downs got caught on the old shed, helping to hold this one from jumping the fence (while not affecting the stability of the original).

This guy is now mostly dismantled. I'm not sure what to do with it. While it's undamaged, I think it is not stable. Or perhaps my faithful Costco shed has melded with the earth.

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