Sunday, January 25, 2009

Samoyeds At Work & Play

On a lazy Sunday morning, procrastination increased due to snow outside, I'm finally looking through my new Samoyed calendar I bought through NW Samoyed Rescue. produced this calendar (and donated copies to Rescue), and they have done a wonderful job. 

First, there's a short history of Samoyeds, with lots of pictures, and a website for more information - making this more than just a pretty calendar. And then the first picture you see on the cover is of lead dogs joyfully pulling, looking like twins, or one dog in a mirror. The calendar is filled with great photography, and the subjects - Samoyeds are always lovely - are equally stunning. I love seeing dogs at work (which for Samoyeds is play), and the calendar is filled with them, and puppies, and dogs looking beautifully nobel. 

If you don't have enough calendars, check with NW Samoyed Rescue to see if they have any left, or see if Wolfpacks still has some. You'll enjoy the trips to both sites regardless of the outcome.

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