Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Winter's Fury

The wind and rain are beating against my windows. I just found out that the highway between the freeway and here closed 15 minutes after I drove home. No wonder it felt scary. 

All roads across the mountains are closed. The north-south freeway is closed for 20 miles, starting just south of my entrance. They think it will also close in Fife, which is much closer to the large population centers. There is water across the same freeway near the Canadian border. Sixty-two roads in the state closed in a few hours. The western part of the state is effectively closed off from the rest of the world, and communities are closed off from each other. 

I sit here, high on my hill, looking at pictures of people being rescued by boat. One entire small town is underwater. I would offer my high property for people's animals, but they probably couldn't get here. It really looks like much of the state is under water. 

And the poor people in Spokane! They had something like 6 feet of snow, and then got 2-4" of rain on top of it. Roofs are going to give way under that kind of weight. 

It has been a weird and wild winter so far, and there are months to go before spring.

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