Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Silver Linings

Isn't there always a silver lining?

Since I was home early, I went out to feed the animals by daylight. I emptied my Ursa cart of it's 3/4 load of water (my word it's rained a lot!), filled it with alfalfa, and headed out to the sheep. In spite of being near the top of a pretty steep ridge, my sheep paddock is 4" deep in water. The shelter stands just above the wet. And one of the ewes - one of my best moms - was lying down with a half-born (and very dead) lamb. I got the lamb out, her standing, and food and water beside her. She's shaky and not looking well, but I think she may be OK. I don't think she would be if she'd laid there another several hours. 

Everything is wet. Everything. I'm so grateful for my high property, far above the rising waters. 

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