Monday, August 31, 2009

Blackberry Takeover

Aren't they beautiful? Mouth watering? It's a bumper year for blackberries. Fruit and plants.

Those berries are from this patch, which is trying to take over the woods.

These are trying to take over the pond. You can see the fence in the depth. This growth has all taken place this summer.

A little further on the berries have almost totally covered the fence...

and are heading towards the house. Intervening field? No problem.

The four-hooved stock has been in this field a week, and these vines are now leafless (and, of course, berryless. Goats love berries.) I need to get down there and cut the bare vines back. First step in keeping the temperate jungle under control.

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Veryl said...

Make some jam too. Or just eat them with your cereal or yogurt. They are so yummy even if they are a total pest when it comes to land takeover. Hugs.