Friday, August 07, 2009

Morning Alarms or a Dog With a Job

Trey is a smallish Border Collie cross. A quiet dog with few demands. He decided some time ago that his primary job in life is waking me up in the mornings. He waits until the alarm has gone off a few times, then sticks his nose in my face, licks my arms, generally acts very annoying until I truly wake up and assure him I'm getting up. If I don't, he'll return in another 10 minutes to repeat the annoyances. On mornings when the alarm fails to do it's job, Trey waits until the appropriate time 20 minutes or so after the first alarm would have gone off, and starts prodding and poking. So much for sleeping in :).

I am not a clever enough trainer to teach a dog to be my alarm clock. It's a good thing I have such smart, intuitive dogs who see a need and fill it.

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