Saturday, August 22, 2009

Millie's Big Day

This morning when I went to feed Millie, she didn't come running. That's not totally unheard of, but I started down to find her anyway, and saw her limping out of the woods. As she got closer I realized she looked like the Porcupine entry at the Halloween ball. Millie had quills stuck in the roof of her mouth, through her tongue, all around her lower face, and completely covering her right foot. As she nudged me I realized that quills have points on both ends. This was not something I could deal with. I needed to find an vet office open Saturdays.

It turns out there's one less than 4 miles from my house. Millie is now back and in a newly-shaving-filled kennel, eating ground lamb and albacore tuna. I have an empty wallet and bottles of drugs for her. She is not a happy dog, although she likes the extra attention.

I went looking for the porcupine, or evidence of a fight. Charlie of course came with me, but it wasn't long before I heard other rustling. My little flock of peafowl were following along behind us. I went from the field into the woods, followed by the peas. I am totally flattered that they consider me part of the flock, and want to be where I am. One of the things I love about the peas is that wherever I am it seems I turn to see at least one gorgeous bird. Maybe that isn't all coincidence.

There was no sign of a fight, no blood, no dead porcupine. I think he or she got away unscathed, Millie being the only injured party. There is just no winning in a fight with a porcupine.

It's interesting what you see when in investigation mode that you miss normally. Millie has marked the entire field. There are small piles of dog scat at even intervals all around the edges of the fenced area. Beware, all who enter here, this land is taken.

Another amazing thing I found on my circuit is that in the past few months a large stretch of fence has disappeared. In its place are blackberries. They have sucked up the fence, and are stretching out into the field. Given a year they'd cover the field and my house. I, however, have a secret weapon that I unleashed on them tonight. I let the sheep, goats and donkey back into that field.

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Kerin said...

Hi Judy! Glad she's OK and sorry about your wallet. Love that the "peas" follow you that's amazing! And I must borrow your blackberry munchers. Would you be willing to send them down this way if I buy them a bus ticket?!?!?