Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Baby It's Cold Outside

Ice is forming at the rate of about an inch a night. Two night's worth here. I refill by hauling hot water out. People from places where it routinely stays below freezing have neat things like in-tank water heaters. That may become necessary if this kind of extended freeze becomes the norm here. Usually it warms up above freezing during the day, melting the night's ice.

My pond is frozen over, still decorated with the dusting of snow from Saturday. Some creature has walked out on it, but I didn't brave it.

The area around the pond is usually marshy. I didn't realize until today that there are streams of water feeding the pond, rather than a broader seep. Now the streams are frozen.

There are birds warming in every protected sunny spot. The peacocks appear to be standing guard...

a thought reinforced when they suddenly changed sides, and took up position again. The changing of the guard?

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