Sunday, December 06, 2009

December Freeze

The air is crisp and clear the way it is only when the temperature is below freezing. The stars are shining brightly, blinking in and out of the black sky. It is still and quiet as I stand in the woods, and then I hear a gust of wind in the trees on the other side of the hill. A chilly breeze slips inside my hood and caresses my cheek. I continue walking. Quiet resumes, then I hear another gust, this time to the north. Each gust seems to come from a different direction, heard first, then felt, as the wind travels through and leaves us behind.

My bantams, trying to stay warm and out of the wind. The chickens are not happy with the cold weather.


TJ said...

Love the picture of the animals and the landscape. Sounds like it's bone cold there. :)

TJ said...

Love the pictures of the animals and landscape. Looks like it's bone cold there.