Sunday, December 13, 2009

Clouds in the Cold

It's supposed to be warming and heading towards rain - in other words, getting back to normal. The cold isn't so eager to go away. This morning there were light low clouds and the world was limned with frost.

9:00 AM, 24 degrees. The very small yellow ball in the midst of the clouds really is the sun.

The sky looks like it's made of ice. St. Helens is barely visible through the mist.

Little chicken perhaps finding some warmth in the tall grass. The sun is burning off the clouds, and the temperature has gone down a degree.


TJ said...

Brrr. It does look cold there. Stay warm..

CAT said...

You always take such great pictures! I should probably take my camera with me while I am out and about.

Judy said...

I'd like to have a camera just to keep in the car. But that's the joy of digital cameras - they are small enough to stuff into a purse or a pocket.