Monday, April 26, 2010

Native Plants - Elderberries

Since I moved here I've wanted to plant flowering shrubs alongside my 1/4 mile lane. Lilacs, butterfly bush, that sort of thing. I have tried, but so far my plantings have not been very successful. Nature, however, has.

Red elderberries grow plentifully in disturbed areas, like roadsides. In spring they provide a profusions of blooms.

These beautiful shrubs line a substantial portion of my little lane, providing a thousand points of light on cloudy days.

The sheep and goats help keep nature's explosion of growth off the lane itself.

One has established itself in my chicken yard.

Another grows in front of the red currant, another native, that planted itself against the house. Thank you, beautiful plants, for gracing my way.

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TJ said...

Very pretty pictures.