Sunday, April 25, 2010

Successful Geese

Ravens are wonderful and intelligent creatures. I love watching them fly and play and solve problems. My geese don't have such a high view of them.

Geese don't sit on their nests until they have the required amount of eggs. They lay an egg every couple days, hide the nest well with brush, and go about their daily business.

This tactic works well most of the time. But not with ravens. The ravens watch the geese, see where they nest, watch them carefully hide the eggs and leave. Breakfast.

I moved one pair of geese to my fenced chicken area and put a couple of dog crates inside the kennel the chickens roost in. This seems to be a defensible area.

The goose chose one of the crates and is happily sitting on a bunch of eggs.

The gander provides the protection. Unless you are a chicken you are not allowed in or near the kennel entrance. The ravens come by regularly, perching on a chair just out of goose neck reach, peering in at the yummy eggs. Fortunately they haven't yet found a way past the sentry.

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