Friday, April 30, 2010

From A Path In the Woods

There are reasons why I live in this wet, cloudy part of the world. The sun is shy, the ground is muddy, the rain is frequent. A walk through the woods in spring is a good reminder of the positive side of those things.

It feels like a journey to a primeval wood, with the huge ferns hulking under moss-covered trees. Ground covers sprout and bloom.

Other ferns are sporting new growth, reaching for the sun, making wonderful patterns.

A small stream winds its way around plants and logs. Jesse samples the cold, fresh water.

The ground is covered with a plethora of plants - mosses, small flowering plants, grasses, all reaching for the light. The Northwest rainforests are jungles without the heat, steam and scary creatures. A gentler, quieter space for plants to stretch their leaves and grow, grow, grow.

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