Thursday, January 19, 2012

More Snow

I thought I should find my sheep, since the snow is deeper than they are tall. When I couldn't find a horse path to follow the snow was past my knees. My boots aren't. When I stopped and turned I ran into Zander, who was following my path. The sheep were all at the bottom of the hill with the round bale of hay, and although they were looking longingly up in hopes I had grain, they seemed in good health and were all above the snow.

The chickens really didn't know what to do with themselves.

The car was almost invisible in the snow. My painter called to say he wouldn't be here because he couldn't find his truck.

The Peafowl wanted nothing to do with this day, deciding it was better to stay in the tree.

I took the quad down the hill - woo hoo! I love my quad. Getting back up proved more problematic than going down, but I got it up and parked, and myself inside, although cold, tired, and very, very wet. It rained most of the time I was out.

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