Sunday, January 01, 2012

New Year Musings

What a wonderful day. It's pretty warm, mostly sunny, and very, very windy. Refreshingly windy, and that strong wind has dried out ground that's been wet since the first rains. I was sitting on the quad at back of the muddy filly field (feeding the sheep in the next field), just listening to the wind and trees and birds - the stories they tell! Jessie, 3 yr old filly, came up to see if I had better food than I gave them. She checked everything out, and then reached out and snuffled my face, hung with me for a moment, and then went back to her food. Kissed by a pony.

Ah winter. I need to spend more time riding the ponies. It was too lovely today, so I decided to take Trojan (17 yr old Morgan gelding) out for a spin. It was a challenge from the start, he didn't want to leave the hay and his friends, wasn't so sure about the wind, the bridle, the saddle...didn't want to stand, yada yada yada. It was an interesting ride. Nothing like a petulant pony to keep you on your toes while staying grounded. I'm practicing using energy to keep us both calm, centered, and on track, and it's an exciting ride. We did get into some gaits I haven't experienced before. I can't wait to be better rider and actually ask for these things :).

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