Sunday, March 01, 2009

Art News

Today I learned of two wonderful art-related events from two great friends.

Veryl in Hawaii finished a stunningly drop-dead beautiful quilt. No words can describe this, it is gorgeous. Don't take my word for it - see for yourself: Fiber in Paradise, Starry Skies. While you're there scroll down to take a look at other wonderful fiber arts she's created, the masks Glenn made, and the beautiful plants they live with.

Kerin in Oregon just got a book deal! She's another great artist, specializing in found object art - transforming found items into amazing works of art. The book deal is announced here Remnants of Olde, Book 'em Danno, but take a look around the web site at the creatively beautify art. Some of it's for sale at the Remnants Etsy Shop. I love the flying raven. Heck, I love it all.

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Kerin said...

Hi Sweets! I just stumbled upon this post. How wonderful of you to mention this. I wish you here and we'd go celebrate and play on the beach. ; )