Saturday, March 07, 2009

The Dog and The Goose

Mornings can be interesting.

I had tossed out some chicken drumsticks for Charlie (his favorite food - the dog who guards chickens, go figure), when the geese came over and tried to steal a piece right out of Charlie's mouth. Now, this is wrong on so many levels I just stood and stared. I thought my geese were basically vegetarians and here they were stealing meat, and geese - big birds, but very small for dogs - trying to take food out of a Pyr's mouth. One was grabbing for the food, the other pulling Charlie's hair right at that tender spot in front of the hind leg.

Charlie had enough of that. He dropped the chicken leg, turned and grabbed the goose causing him pain. That big goose half disappeared inside Charlie's mouth. The sounds were deafening: Charlie was roaring, the geese were making loud goose noises. I stood dumbly, just watching. Charlie turned back, grabbed his food, crunched loudly and swallowed. The goose shook himself, put his beak up in the air and complained noisily. Chickens stared, waiting, I'm sure, for someone to drop food.

No wonder Charlie runs through the geese whenever he gets a chance. Obviously it hasn't made them afraid of him. 

The goose? He wasn't even wet. 

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