Thursday, March 12, 2009

Eagle Tales

There is a wonderful series of eagle photos circulating through email and the web. A photographer caught two Bald Eagles trying to catch a duck, ending up fighting each other, and one of them being stunned, dropping into the water. Great photos, telling an interesting story about life on the wing. The earliest posting I've seen of these photos on the web is at NewsCannel 10 Viewer, with author listed as Randy Elms. I hope that's correct - these are stunning photos with well written commentary, and the photographer/author deserves full credit.

While hunting down a reliable source for the eagle aerial combat photos I came across a home video posted on by gmelhaff showing two eagles harassing and eventually catching  another hapless duck. It does make you realize the life of a duck isn't such a safe one! 

It's amazing to think that not all that long ago Bald Eagles where endangered, and now within a month there are two wonderful series of photos taken by folks in residential areas of eagles living their lives in the lower 48.

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