Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Who's Messing with MY Sheep?

Life is all about choices. Our choices, in many ways, define us. Charlie recently made a choice that defines working LGDs.

It's axiomatic that, given an open gate, a Pyr will go through it.

My hay supplier has a buyer for rams, and knowing I had a few extras, came by to help me catch them so he could sell them for me. Guardian dogs aren't very useful when you are trying to catch sheep, and given that I had to open my double gates for my neighbor's rig, I shut Charlie into my lower building. We had caught and sequestered 3 of the 4 rams and were about to catch the 4th when a large white dog made his presence known. Charlie had opened the double garage door - which is right next to those double gates - and slipped into the much further away paddock to see what the heck we were doing to HIS sheep. The young man doing the catching and heavy lifting looked down and said, "that's a DOG? I thought it was a sheep!" Heck no, my sheep are much smaller than my dog.

We managed to get the last ram into the truck before Charlie figured out what we were up to, and I got us out and him locked into the paddock so we could get the truck out and the gates closed.

Charlie got special treats for dinner. What a good boy. Well, I'm not so thrilled he knows how to open my big garage door, but I'm glad he made for the sheep rather than darting through the gates to patrol the perimeter of the property, as he is wont to do. I guess he only does that when there isn't something more pressing at hand - like people messing with his sheep.

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