Saturday, May 09, 2009

Flying Time

Time is an interesting concept I've never quite understood. It has never moved swift and straight for me the way it seems to for others, linking one event with the next and the one before. For me it swirls and ebbs and flows. Sometimes I ride it, flying high and fast and watching the world. Sometimes I run behind it, trying to catch up. Occasionally I get caught in an eddy, and time moves in inexplicable patterns. 

The more I learn about myself and my place in the world, about energy and essence and living inside my body, the less power time has, the more it fits into my existence.

Almost a month has gone by since I've written here, but I've been taking pictures and writing comments in my head. I'm going to backfill, add things in where they belong, in the line of time.

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Semavi Lady said...

Lately too for me. I get an urge to post something short that had my attention momentarily but then I get swept under the current again. What a ride so far this year. So busy, and many things taking up time, that shouldn't. Alas...

Sending encouragement and smiles your way!