Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Unpaid Help

Such a beautiful day on a holiday weekend. I decided to spend the early evening doing one of my favorite things, gardening. I went up the hill to dig up some cedars I'd spotted growing under the power lines. Left there they'd get cut down eventually, so better they get transplanted. 

There's a buffer of trees between my house clearing and the lower building and field. I lost several trees in windstorms this winter and last, and wanted to replace them with evergreens. Nothing like having a source close to home!
When I got back with the trees I found the planting area already occupied. Turns out downed trees are great places for bantams to hang out in. They watched me with great curiosity. I'm not sure whether they were afraid I'd eat their bugs or hoping I'd turn up more bugs.

Or perhaps they just find humans interesting with their odd behaviors of digging holes and filling them up again with other stuff, leaving all the good things - earthworms, bugs, bits of grass - laying around on the surface.

One of my Peacocks settled in to watch as well. It's so much fun watching someone work! With the help of my watchers I got 5 cedars and a bunch of native iris planted and watered. Beauty surrounds me.

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Semavi Lady said...

I had to comment after seeing the peacock!
Funny how much the birds 'help' you around there. I hope your plantings this year are a success.