Thursday, May 14, 2009

Searching for Grass

I spent a lot of time and effort when I first moved here covering the cleared areas thickly with old hay, to provide nutrients and grass seed, so I could get pasture.

I went out the other day to see how the lower pasture was coming along this year, after I let it rest all winter.

It turns out there are all sorts of interesting plants in that hillside field.

There is even some grass interspersed between bits of pretty and interesting plants.

With lots of lovely green moss and rocks.

Lots of lovely green moss. It is such a joy living in a rainforest.

There is some grass. At the top of the hill. It's getting tall, I've let the sheep in a few times to trim it down some while Millie and they get better acquainted. But mostly - there are pretty and interesting plants.

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