Saturday, May 30, 2009


Millie has been living in a large hillside pasture with a pond. By herself. She has been too eager to play with sheep, and to chase and kill chickens. I haven't had time to work with her, to teach her what is expected of an LGD living with stock. This spring I've had the sheep in with her several times when I've been around to correct over enthusiastic behaviors, but haven't trusted leaving them in with her.

Today, this afternoon, I let the sheep in with her. I brought along a big yummy, meaty bone. Millie happily grabbed the bone and trotted off to her dining room. The sheep et al burst into the field and started munching down. 

A bit later when I checked (Charlie was barking unhappily) the sheep were all up by the fence munching away, Millie was down at the pond. Just now the sheep are in a different area, Millie is exploring the paddock. She seems totally disinterested in chasing! Charlie isn't really happy with the affair, I think he's jealous. I'm so pleased with Millie, if this keeps up I'll leave the sheep in with her overnight and hopefully next week. 

I think giving her something to focus on when the stock first came in was key. She had something to do while they settled down, and when she finished eating she just went about her normal business of protecting the world against predators.

Now if I can get her to ignore chickens...

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