Tuesday, January 19, 2010

And the Winds Blow On

After a windy week, the winds got together for a big blow. 50-60 mph winds roared up valleys, climbed hills, and pushed against every obstacle they encountered. This was a very loud storm.

This tree was snapped off a foot above the ground. There were branches and small trees littering the lane as well.

Charlie's shelter bowed in submission. It's interesting that the tarps stayed attached, but the frame gave way.

My new carport was relocated across the lane, climbing the trees. It may be recoverable, if I can get it down without further damage.

The tarp over my chicken shelter is in tatters. Yesterday the winds were still strong, coming mostly from the east, so I couldn't make any repairs. I didn't want to attach myself to a sail, even in 20-30 mph winds. I was a bit wary walking through the woods to the lower pasture, past newly downed trees and some leaning precariously, and winds coming another direction.

It was fascinating to experience these two storms back to back. They spoke in different voices, sang different songs. Winds from the east tend to get caught in the ridges and circle around. I was looking north, toward the roar of the wind, watching the trees bow to the west, and feeling the wind on my back.

After the big storm, morning dawned with clear sky and sunshine in view. Today dawned mostly clear and bright and still. A welcome change from clouds, rain and wind.


Kerin said...

That's wild! So glad no animals or people at Ravenwood were injured. I wish I were closer and could help you get things back in order. Hang tight Spring is coming. : )

Judy said...

It felt like spring today - warm and mostly sunny. Got lots done. I wish you were here too!