Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Through My Window - LGD at Work

It isn't often I get to observe an LGD at work without him and his charges knowing I'm there - the observer changing what is observed. Today I caught Charlie in one of his favorite spots just outside my bedroom window, and saw some interesting behavior.

He looks like he's just snoozing, right? From this spot he can observe most of the pastures, and is in front of the area of highest concern.

Every couple of minutes he raised his head, looked ahead, left ... (notice the geese in the background - facing away from Charlie, merrily chomping grass)

and right. Then he'd go back to snoozing.

Then he heard something. He sat up and barked. Notice the geese now - they've raised their heads and are looking towards Charlie.

Whatever is out there needs a bit more barking. The geese are now walking quickly up the hill.

Charlie continues to bark - it's not a huge threat, he doesn't feel the need to rush towards it. But look at the geese - they are well on their way to Charlie. When I left the window they were grazing safely in front of the house.

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Lee said...

Wow! I like these pictures of him!