Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Horses

For several months I've had the privilege of working with a herd of horses. The goal is to train a couple of them to trailer, so I can bring them home. While I'm there I've been working with a few others, getting them used to handling. It is a joy being with these magnificent creatures, watching herd behavior.

Rho and Rebel, the stallion

Echo, a lovely Spotted Draft

Echo's Colt, changing from brown to black

Cami, an Arabian mare who's decided I'm her best friend

The two fillies. The dark one is mine (yet to be named).

Magic, dam of the spotted filly. She is a magical horse. She came from a Premarin farm and still has some trust issues, but we are friends.

Jaime, my filly's dam.


Kerin said...

They're so pretty one and all!!! I hope to have time to visit with them on my trip north in March. I'll bring carrots. : )

Judy said...

And they will love you. Carrots are always a favorite! Can't wait to see you in March.