Sunday, January 03, 2010

On a Dark Winter Night

I was so impressed with Shaman's singing Anatolians that when the coyotes started vocalizing I thought I'd capture it. The screen is black because, well, it's a dark and rainy winter night.

The closest and highest bark is Jesse (Pyr wannabe), the deep bass bark in the background is Charlie, the closer and slightly higher pitched and more frequent bark is Millie. The howlers include Berna (ASD), Hannah and Trey (Border Collies), and I believe Jesse is in there too. Berna, Hannah and Trey are inside the house. I'm outside. The crazy background noise is one of the local coyote packs.


Veryl said...

Love the singing dog pack. Always fun to hear it when I come to visit.

Kerin said...

Awesome! And my Min Pins joined when I played it. :)

Judy said...

My house was awash in howls and yips and barks as I prepared that for posting :). Dogs were trotting everywhere trying to find the invaders.