Monday, August 16, 2010

Fog Lake

I love clear mornings - and we've had very few of them this year. Our cool and cloudy summer has been punctuated with blindingly hot periods. One day it's 68 deg, the next it's 96. With night temps in the mid 50s and day highs in the upper 90s, an early morning fog drifted into the valley. The bottoms of the trees peek through the fog and look like reflections on a lake.

It is so beautiful I catch my breath in awe. What a glorious planet we live on.


CAT said...

Great Pics!! We don't have huge elevation changes where I live but I have tried time and time again to get nice early morning fog pics. Sometimes they come out but most of the time they don't. Thanks for sharing!

Judy said...

My camera kept telling me to raise the flash. Yeah, I need to light up those mountains. *sigh*

Mokihana said...

What lovely photos!! Sometimes I see fog like that from my deck in the mornings and just love it.

This up and down weather has really been something else, hasn't it? I'll gladly take the morning lower temps!

Judy said...

Yes, this too hot or too cool is tiresome! At least when we have cool, cloudy mornings the temps stay reasonable in the afternoons.