Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lady of the House

Lady has not worked out as a working dog, but she's a lovely girl. This weekend I had to be away overnight, and needed a secure place for her. A friend kindly offered his back yard, so Lady went to her first Bed & Breakfast.

First order of business was to check out the fence line, followed by a snack of tender greens.

She was given full access to house and yard. As it got dark, she knew just what to do, in spite of a life previously devoid of couches.

And as everyone started getting ready for bed, she again knew just what to do.

Lady did so well on her short vacation that I decided to move her in with my house/back yard crew. She has settled in well. This is what she wants, to be a house pet, to protect and serve from inside 4 walls and a fence. I'm hoping we can find a new home for her soon where she will get just that.

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