Thursday, August 12, 2010

Meet Lula

In my continuing efforts to find a co-worker and companion for Charlie, my working Pyr, yesterday I brought home Lula.

Lula spent the past two years with her sister with a herd of goats - they were raised with the goats. Owners sold the herd, and the dogs ended up in Pyr Rescue.

Lula is missing her sister, and a bit overwhelmed by the animals here (when she finally saw a goat she went right up to say hi), but is doing pretty well. She's calm and quiet, and not too interested in chasing chickens. Today she spent some time in a paddock by herself (and some time in there with Charlie), and more time on leash with me while I did farm chores. She's feeling insecure, which I'm sure will pass as she gets used to life here at Ravenwood.


Veryl said...

She looks good. Good luck with her. Keeping my fingers crossed that she just might be the one. Thanks for all the pictures. The one of Charlie in the woods will definitely go on the web site. And I think maybe the one of Berna.

Judy said...

She is doing well. I think when she adjusts to being away from her sister and goats she'll settle in well. Glad you can use the pics!

TJ said...

She's a pretty dog. I hope things work out with her.