Saturday, November 13, 2010


The dogs were carrying on this morning, but that isn't unusual this time of year as the coyotes come in closer. As it got light, the peafowl started carrying on as well. The geese were all together carrying on an intense conversation. Then Jesse came up by the house, barking the "come ON - we NEED you" bark. I slipped into my boots and down vest, and went to see. Jesse and Charlie were circling some trees, occasionally trying to climb one. I looked up. 

Two very large raccoons cling near the tops of two trees. They are quite high, and look like they intend to stay there. They also look like they haven't missed many meals.

The view with the max zoom of my camera.

We seem to have a standoff. The raccoons are safe, high in the trees. They can't come down because there are two dogs slathering around the base, making their intentions obvious.

I assume these two came in early this morning with the intent to feast on chicken or peafowl. Charlie and Jesse saw them and gave chase. The raccoons figured out they couldn't outrun the dogs and took to the trees. Now they can't get down, and the dogs can't get up. I don't own a gun. I have LGDs because I don't want to kill wildlife, but don't want wildlife to kill my furred and feathered residents. This has worked well for me. But now two well-honed hunters are treed in the middle of my chicken/peafowl/goose area. Raccoons are excellent hunters and killers, and I don't want them here. Nor do my dogs.  For that matter, I don't want my dogs to fight them, either - injuries are bound to happen.

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