Saturday, November 20, 2010

Preparing for Snow - Hay Day #2

Getting hay in is always a bit of a challenge. There's too much mud to get truck and trailer inside the gate, so Charlie has to be locked up and a watch kept for critters sneaking out.

I love the new wrapped round bales. Each weighs about 500 lbs (the previous ones I got were 900 lbs), small enough that I can roll them around.

This is a month's supply for the sheep and goats. I can get bales out to this field by myself.

I had help getting this one to the field beyond the sheep area, since there's some uphill involved, but getting a round bale out here saves me having to haul square bales by hand daily!

Notice that all the areas are empty? As soon as I rolled a bale into the sheep area, the horses followed me in - and proceeded to chase the sheep out.

The donkey snuck out the gate and is heading for her favorite berry patch. The horses soon tired of the sheep field, and went to see where the sheep disappeared to.

By the end of the day I coaxed the sheep back in (with grain),

And the horses came down to see what changes had been made to their feeding grounds. I had to go get Polly, she thought maybe spending the night out would be a good plan. I did manage to get everyone into their respective fields, and all are happily chowing down.

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