Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Saga Continues

My friend Anita suggested putting the dogs up so the 'coons could slink away to safety, hopefully having decided that this is a dangerous place to be avoided in future. I thought I'd make things a bit more scary for them, so I shook the trees. 

One of the raccoon lumps separated into two. I had a few bad moments then when I thought one had lost his hold, picturing a frightened raccoon landing on my head - and two dogs trying to get him away from me.

Getting the dogs away from the area was easier thought than done. I didn't want them to feel they were being punished, or that they shouldn't be protecting their world. I finally had to go into the lower building, where Charlie always follows. That building hasn't been checked out since last night - who knows what horrible beasts may have invaded since then. Jesse is a bit easier to distract, so now the 'coons have a somewhat dog-free zone if they chose to leave. Unfortunately Millie's pen is nearby, and I have no place to sequester her. I'm watching from the house, no movement in the trees.

**Update - Sunday morning: The raccoons moved out during the night. All birds accounted for. Hopefully they have decided this is a dangerous place, not to be revisited.**

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