Friday, October 23, 2009

Another Shelter Covered

It's always good to see one's hard work appreciated. While Charlie isn't using the elevated platform complete with dog bed, he is enjoying the sheltered space. This is very close to his favorite spot in the woods, where he can oversee most of the fenced areas.

This carport frame is in a very windy area, so I used a new Costco tarp (10 x 12) as the bottom layer, and then the old hay tarp to cover more of the frame. If it lasts the season, I'll replace them with a brand new large tarp. I have ends for the structure too, but can't decide if it's worth putting them on. I bought 3 of these Costco carports 4 years ago. This one only lasted one season before the wind ripped the cover to shreds. The other two were OK until last year's snow collapsed them.

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