Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Upcoming Resident

This 15 month filly will be coming to Ravenwood as soon as she accepts the halter and can be led and trailered. I've been making friends and getting her used to me and the concept of foreign objects on her body.

We have become friends - I couldn't get back far enough to take a head shot. Her half-sister is in the background. Their dad is a Spotted Draft Horse.

Getting her used to the lead rope, and having something resting on her body.

This is dad. Handsome guy. The mares think so too - they constantly come by in ones, twos or threes to chat with him.

My escort out. Notice the miniature bull at the end of the line - Norman. It felt sort of like leading a parade. Actually they were all hoping for some carrots or apple.


Veryl said...

She's lovely. Will be fun to make friends with she and her mom when I visit next year.

James Dunn said...

You must be very excited. Another dream come true. Your first horse/s. Almost every womens dream and its happening to you.