Thursday, October 15, 2009

New Resident

Our newest resident had just entered the field. The current occupants are not at all certain about this.

They immediately grouped behind the shelter for safety, keeping a close eye on the newcomer.

Charlie on the other hand is most interested, perhaps even pleased.

Blue is most curious about her new soon-to-be friends, and is trying hard to make their acquaintance.

Blue wants to make friends, but the current residents are wary. Whenever she approaches, they run off.

A little grain helps break the ice. Sheep are much more interested in food than they are afraid of the newcomer.

Not friends yet, but maybe she's ok. Blue seems to like her new digs. She's been exploring up and down the hill at the back, and taken peeks into the woods. She keeps talking to the sheep, goats and donkey, but they silently retreat.

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