Monday, October 12, 2009

Birth of a Hay Shelter

Costco carport - no tools required. Except the ones needed to open the packaging. The tarped lump in the background is my haystack, not a lopsided vehicle. The time from laying out the materials to zipping the last door was 5 hours, with two inexperienced installers and 2 dog overseers.

Materials released from their packaging, roof bars assembled. This stage took slightly longer than needed because we got our As and Bs mixed up.

Roof and one set of legs assembled. Jesse doing an inspection.

Second side legs assembled, framework magically moved over hay, and canvas attached. Actually, these steps were so consuming I forgot to take pictures. But isn't this a lovely sight?

Resident hen a little surprised to lose her snug covering, but thinking this shelter might be a good thing. Silly hen is sitting on 22 eggs, ready to hatch in about a week. That would be late October.

Jesse patiently laying in wait for mice to dart out from under the stacks. He's using one of the cement blocks that held the tarp down for a pillow. Might as well be comfortable while waiting for mice.

Charlie performing his overseeing duties. No one is going to steal the tarp or the shelter.

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